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Thread: Craving a Kala?

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    Hey, the Kala 20% off discount also applies to the $12k custom surfboard & Poi Pounder tenor combo!

    Poi Pounder.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S Bell View Post
    I have a Kala Elite Spruce/Rosewood tenor arriving today. $300.00 off for a blemish, plus another $200 off from the discount code, free shipping, hard case and humidifier. Couldn’t resist.
    John, that model looks wonderful.
    I prefer a satin finish, and have the all hog version in both soprano and tenor.

    I've actually had four of the Elites over the years in all sizes, because they're just so good (still have two). Often reduced way lower than K-brands, and just as good IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellgamin View Post
    The topic is "Craving a Kala?" My answer is No.

    Ever since Kala began producing Kiddy ukes, priced below $50 but still bearing the name "Kala" on the headstock, I feel the potential re-sale reputation of this brand has tanked.

    The "K" brands had enough common sense to use different brand names for their lower priced ukes. Kala did not. Good grief!
    Makala used to be the name of their entry level ukes. Has Kala discontinued that name?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie View Post
    Makala used to be the name of their entry level ukes. Has Kala discontinued that name?
    I think it still is, though Kala has muddied the waters by producing entry level ukes using their Kala name as well.

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