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  • Fretted Instrument - never to 6mos

    23 28.05%
  • Fretted Instrument - 6mos to 24mos

    6 7.32%
  • Fretted Instrument - 2yrs to 5yrs

    4 4.88%
  • Fretted Instrument - 5yrs or more

    37 45.12%
  • Non-Fretted Instrument - never to 6mos

    8 9.76%
  • Non-Fretted Instrument - 6mos to 24mos

    5 6.10%
  • Non-Fretted Instrument - 2yrs to 5yrs

    8 9.76%
  • Non-Fretted Instrument - 5yrs or more

    28 34.15%
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Thread: POLL: Pre-Ukulele Experience

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    Default POLL: Pre-Ukulele Experience

    Please check only 1 or 2 boxes.

    I've been curious about this for a while. There is so much knowledge and experience on this forum, I'm curious how everyone began their musical journey.
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    I checked a fretted instrument 2 to 5 years but to say I had 2-5 years experience would be an overstatement. I started with a guitar but my playing time and frequency would look like the right half of a bell curve. It was very high at the beginning but dropped off to where it was little to none at the end. I might have had 1-2 years experience over 5 years. (And I was never very good.)
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    I played violin (poorly) from 4th grade through my sophomore year of high school, then switched to viola. After that it was choir, mostly, until the uke made its way into my life.
    Mainly a concert player.

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    I played guitar for almost 50 years before the uke in 2013, then added bass uke a year later. I never touched my four guitars again and gave them to my nephew. I now have nine tenor ukes and thirty bass uke/mini bass guitars.

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    I've said 6~24 months, though it could have been more, as I was an infrequent dabbler on recorders for a while in the past.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    My 2 year uke anniversary is up. My Amazon account confirmed that I ordered my Donner Tenor 12/05/2018.

    Before the uke I played flute for 35 years. I still play my flutes, but not daily. The big advantage of the ukulele is that I can practise in the evening after my children have gone to bed. My flutes would wake them up.

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    No previous musical instrument experience except a little percussion in high school band.
    My ukulele family.....
    KoAloha Koa concert - circa 2006 (Living Waters)
    aNueNue Moon Bird concert - Spruce & Rosewood - 2018 (Blackwater)
    Blackbird Clara - 2019 (Oasis Bright)
    Cocobolo concert - 2019 (Worth Brown)

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    Was in choir in Jr & Sr High School, but never learned to read music. Sang in the local community choir for two years until that folded.

    I tried to learn guitar for about 5 or 6 mos, but marriage and jobs side-tracked that. Tried to pick it up again after retirement, but OA in hands just couldn't take the steel strings.

    Tenor ukulele is working out pretty well for me now.
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    Began on trumpet in 1966. Majored in music ed and worked in various bands for a number of years. Self taught on keyboard starting in the mid 70's. I also started on djembe in 2012.

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    Classical piano lessons all through school, 1989-2001. Self-directed at steel 6-string guitar from 2004-2005 or so, then put on the shelf. Have continued playing piano for pleasure through to this day. Discovered ukulele in summer 2017.

    Many other other various musical toys have come and gone over the decades... ukulele and piano are the only ones so far that seem to have serious and consistent staying power in my life.

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