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Thread: pulling strings off fretboard

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    Default pulling strings off fretboard

    In a recent discussion somewhere on the ukulele boards, someone mentioned that finger style players like wider nuts. Being a finger style player myself, this was news to me. One reason I don't require a wide nut, string spacing, or wide fret board is the fact that I like to pull the A string off the fret board.

    It creates a whole step bend that is very useful for festooning your playing.

    In case I'm not saying it clearly, here's what I mean:

    1. pluck the D on the 5th fret of the A string.
    2. pull the string off the fretboard and it becomes an E
    3. let the string go back where it belongs and it returns to D

    This is a nice way to get a trill

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    My take on this is: It is now time for you to buy an electric guitar + amp. Your technique might work on particular instrument truly

    Myself im not bending or wanting that. It is hard to not bend on my Flight soprano, darn sloppy strings, But it sometimes happens, like you told over the fretboard.

    For blues and electric electric solo bending, it is towards bass strings and bass strings towards treble. Always use 3 fingers for best control, yes.

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