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Thread: Season 431 - Dedications

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    thank you everyone for a beautiful week of music.
    thank you especially for the wonderful dedications and your generosity in sharing,
    what were at times some very personal stories.
    joo and i are grateful, we enjoyed the week so much.

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    Wow, it was enough of a prize that I got to post so many songs this week. The most I have ever posted... So actually winning the prize of that wonderful piece of art based on me and my songs is a year's supply of cherry on the top.

    Thank you so much for this week. Now, how do I get a copy of that marvellous artwork?

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    Harley Benton CLU-Bass

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    Please send me your postal address via PM here, Berni.

    Seasonista friends, thanks again for all your entries and kind words.

    Before I log off, i want to urge you all to check out the fabulous entries that came in later in the week.
    Eric's awesome collab with his brother Cave, Ralf's beautiful cover called Arise, and the wonderful performance Kevin did with his friends.

    Have a good week.

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