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Thread: Off Grid 300 Watt Power Source for AC Amp

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    Well it did go thru. The RYOBI battery + power pack is sitting on top of a 300 watt Hartke amp head. The speaker is a 4 ohm 15" Hartke HyDrive mounted n an enclosed TOA PA cabinet with the horn guts removed. The rig is setting on a standard milk crate for size and reach. Sandwiched between is a Vox MV50 AC 50 watt amp head powered by a 20 volt Black & Decker 6 amp lithium battery.

    The Vox amp sounds like the old pre-CBS black panel Fender Bassman amps and is good for a quick jam w/ acoustic instruments. Pus, can be a spare in a catastrophic situation.

    The 300 watt Hartke has the volume, tone, and sound quality that Hartke delivers. The HyDrive speakers have a much better sound spectrum than the harsher all aluminum cones. IMHO. 4 ohms allows for max. wattage available w/o amp damage.

    That Hartke works fine for outdoor venues without running into the PA system. I am looking forward to testing out the RYOBI inverter under those circumstances. Especially during offshore jam sessions.

    Till then...
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