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Thread: Capabilities of the Uke

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    Risa stick

    nuff said these guys put them to good use.

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    I play the ukulele--not the guitar---not the bass---not some other instrument. I find the uke suitable for many styles of music. Just listen to our members here in the video section and hear all the skill and variety.

    I looked at several of the popular and available electric ukulele's. I bought my Godin as I still wanted the nylon string sound on the ukulele but I wanted to be able to plug in and play with sounds as well, so with a Fishman AMP and a ZOOM multi effect pedal I've been able to accomplish this. I can play very clean or as dirty-muddy-crunchy-spacey as I am able. Sometimes I plug into my son's Vox mini 5 or Fender 100W amps as well--just because.

    If I had wanted a more steel string-magnetic pickup sound I would have gotten a RISA LP. There are other options out there as well.

    Can't play to the level of James Hill's Voodoo Child rendition but the video certainly shows what can be done with the instrument, some equipment, and the skill.

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