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Thread: Who does setups in sf bay area?

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    Default Who does setups in sf bay area?

    Hey everyone. I'm new here (like a lot of people, Covid-19 got me to start playing the ukulele).

    Anyways, I acquired a new ukulele prior to my knowledge of the setup. Since it doesn't seem practical to ship my ukulele to the known ukulele specialty stores (due to shipping costs and the fact they probably are too busy to work on a ukulele that wasn't purchased from them), I was looking for recommendations on places I can get a set up locally (I live in the SF Bay Area) once lockdown is lifted. I prefer to go to someone who actually knows ukuleles as opposed to music stores that have their own in-store "expert" that only works on ukuleles a couple times a year. In the past, I've had bad experience with one of these jack-of-all trades repair guys working on one of my other instruments (where he messed up and tried to play off he knew what he was doing and it wasn't a mistake). When I call stores, they tell me either (1) a setup isn't needed or (2) their guy can do whatever repair I needed done. Neither answer builds confidence to leave my ukulele to use their services (especially since it isn't broken and doesn't need repair). I figured people here would have a list or directory but I couldn't find it with search. I also figured people in very specific hobby communities would have more knowledge on their local ukulele specialists.

    So if you live/lived (or have any ukulele\luthier colleagues) in the SF Bay Area, please chime in. Thanks in advance.

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    I would look at Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto. They have a lot of ukuleles for sale along with their other stringed instruments. Ukuleles they sell have a "set up by ____" label on them. You might call in advance for a price quote based on what you want to have done.
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    Yes, Gryphon does great setup work. However, call them first to make sure they'll work on your instrument. Santa Clara County just started allowing curbside pickup of new purchases. I don't know if drop-off repair work is allowed. The same probably applies to all music stores in the Bay Area.

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    Thanks. It's been a few years since I checked Gryphon.

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    If you read alot of posts on this site ,You may be led to believe every ukulele needs a setup . Not every uke needs a setup , some may need it but mostly low end ukes.
    Some people may disagree but that's my experience.
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