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    Default Hello From Orange County, CA

    50 Year Old from South Orange County, California. Wife said I needed a hobby as we were both working from home during the Covid shutdown. Had an inexpensive Lohanu Concert Uke that I bought online after a Hawaii trip a few years ago.......that had been collecting dust in my closet ever since. I have absolutely ZERO musical abillity - but have 2 daughers (11 and 14) who are into musical theater and very strong singers. So I decided to dedicate one hour a day - every day - to learning the ukulele. I had always wanted to give it a shot and now had the time to do so. And figured what a great way to be able to relate to my girls love of music. I am going strong on Day 20. Every day I work on chord work and strumming (about equal time to both) and I can see the improvement for sure. I've caught the bug for sure! For Fathers Day my girls already planning to take me to Island Bazaar in Huntington Beach to pick out a new upgraded Uke and I will let the team there lead me in the right direction. Glad to be part of the UU community.

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    Welcome to UU UkuleleDadOC.
    What a wonderful initiative. I'm sure that your daughters are appreciative of your time and efforts to connect with them on a musical plane in addition to all the others in your family. Bring on Fathers Day!

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    Welcome UkuleleDadOC!

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    Welcome to UU. So happy you are enjoying it.

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    Welcome to the UU and to ukuleles.

    I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy shopping at Island Bazaar and finding some good stuff. I have, though I haven’t been there in a while.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy making some good ukulele music.
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