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Thread: What Uke Would You Choose to Buy Again?

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    Fun question. I actually did get rid of all my ukes and just restarted with a Kiwaya KTS-7 soprano.

    If I could have one I had before it would be a Compass Rose Tenor Jumbo by the legendary Rick Turner. He has them on his website but they don’t seem to be making any new ones at the moment. I have been checking in with them the last two years.

    I like the Compass Rose Tenor Jumbo for it’s unique shape, cantilevered fretboard, use of local wood like Walnut and Sycamore, and that it’s an original from the Master himself. Rick likes to say that ukes take just as long as guitars to make but sell for 75% of what a guitar would. I always believed he could sell his ukes for more than that.
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    Oooo! That would be a painful decision between my Anuenue UC200E Concert Moonbird and my Kamaka Ohta-San. Probably the Moon Bird. Love the way the birds sing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewKid View Post
    Fun question. I actually did get rid of all my ukes and just restarted with a Kiwaya KTS-7 soprano.
    A year or more ago, I sold my Kiwaya KTS-6. I bought another this summer, and it's my most-played, most-loved uke. As it was when I sold it. I don't know what gets into me sometimes, but I think I've learned my lesson. It has brought me back to sopranos. I suspect it sounds and plays identical to a KTS-4, except the extended fretboard, which I don't care that much about, but I don't want to take any chances, although if I had insurance money, I might by a KTS-7 if they were ever for sale used.

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    My Mainland soprano. . . it just outperforms others. I've compared its volume/tone to Martin and Kiwaya and it competes well. Just as loud, great tone. My Koaloha is a sweeter voice, though, but the build is harder to hold, for some reason.

    Mainland is a good brand.

    I think also my Kala La Salle is a real winner as a tenor. Never cared to think about buying any other tenor.
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