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Thread: Looking for Public Domain Song Suggestions...

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    Default Looking for Public Domain Song Suggestions...


    I'm working on a couple of projects to get players going on their first 5 chords, before they go to other resources.

    It will contain a free book resource (GCEA is done and is 45 pages) as well as video for instruction.

    As this is free, free, free...finding songs from the public domain that people know is a challenge...and ultimately I'm trying to keep kids in mind with the content, too. And I'm trying to avoid religious songs...I love them, but I want people to be able to start from this approach without having to learn religious songs (it will enable them to play religious songs if they so want).

    So...I need some help finding some songs for baritone, and thought I would ask the collective mind. I've spend a lot of time looking on lists online. But the main aspects is that they have to match the chords that are being used in the method (at that time), and they have to be in the public domain.

    I need at least one song that uses G, C, D7, and Em. I have Down By the Bay...but would like to find something else.

    And I could use one more song that uses G, C, D, D7, and Em. Particularly Em and D. I have Red River Valley and Drunken Sailor.

    What I'm finding is that a lot of well known public domain tunes don't use the vi chord. It's all over in pop music and songs that are not in the public domain...but that doesn't really help me.

    Thanks for any thoughts you can offer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choirguy View Post
    Particularly Em and D.
    How about

    To keep it in your list of chords, I think eliminating the G7 and A7 is ok.

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