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Thread: Concert uke designed for Low G?

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    Default Concert uke designed for Low G?

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I am wanting to buy a concert uke, but I want to string it Low G.

    I realize there are Low G string sets, but non-baritone ukes are typically set up for re-entrant.

    Because of this, nut slots, etc., may have to be altered to better fit Low G.

    I'd like to avoid having to do this or make modifications. If possible, I'd love to acquire a concert uke already set up for Low G. Purposefully designed for Low G.

    Does such a beastie exist?

    For a bit of background, I've played uke for over 20 years, have owned and played all sizes and varieties. I currently own a gCEA soprano and a DGBE baritone.

    Thanks so much!

    PS-- I don't have much of a budget.

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    Some wound Low-G strings may allow you to mount one without modification.

    Sorry, I don't have any specs offhand, but in another thread about Low-G String options some of the strings mentioned included the diameters.
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    A good shop will mount a low-G string on a ukulele that you buy from them, often for no extra charge if they are doing a setup anyway. They should make sure there is room in the nut or widen the nut if necessary. They will also make sure there are no intonation issues with the saddle.

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    The Cocobolo concert comes with low G,if you can win the chance to purchase it in the lottery. I am sure the Ukulele Site can set you up with low G on a concert. I am sure other good uke shops can as well.
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    I second the advice about buying from a shop that sets up the ukes for you and having them put in a low G on whatever concert you like.

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    Call Mim.

    One of my Ohana concerts is set up Low G. She did a wonderful job with it.

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    Some concerts have large enough bodies to be resonant with a low G but many are not. Chances are that the g will sound and feel like a lumpy thud. You can check how the C string sounds - if it is crisp and snappy then chances are it can handle low G, if it sounds notably more lumpy than the E and A strings then I would not put a low G on that uke.

    Don't worry about the nut, if it is a bit tight just fold up some sandpaper and expand it a bit. This won't be a problem if you decide to go back to re-entrant.

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    Mele does almost all their concerts low g, even their lower priced import brands. But any good shop could set it up for you that way, as others have mentioned.
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    If you order from Mims or the, they will do all the work of setting it up for a low g of your choosing free of charge. (Well you might have to pay for the string.)

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    I have an Ohana PKC-25G all-solid-hog pineapple concert with low G. Not thumpy but the low G does tend to be a tiny bit prominant in the sound mix. I adjusted my playing accordingly -- not too difficult.
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