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Thread: WTB: Outdoor carbon ukulele or similar

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    Default WTB: Outdoor carbon ukulele or similar

    Thinking about having a ukulele tolerant for dry weather and water, easy for travel and sound not bad. Carbon fiber ukulele seems meet my requirement.

    Size and maker don't make much of a difference, but sound must be as good as it can.

    Hopefully if someone have it and would like to put it on marketplace. Thank you very much!


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    I just got myself an Enya Nova U and I love it. It's my new favorite. Polycarbonate and carbon fiber construction so it can take a beating and feels sturdy and just begs to be held and played.

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    I have an Outdoor carbon soprano I can let go of.
    Thought I needed it but ... I don't, LOL.

    It's in pretty good shape except has a tiny little hole from a thumb tack that someone used for a strap peg, and probably needs a string change (never got around to it).
    $100 shipped in a gig bag, I'm sure I can find a new set of strings to throw in too...
    PM me with your cell phone for pics!

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    I have a concert flea w TKL gigbag if you’re interested.


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    I would consider selling my Blue Enya Nova. It does not have a pickup, but it’s in barely used condition otherwise. PM if interested.
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