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Thread: What style or kind of music draws you into playing the ukulele?

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    Like Gary52, my interests involve playing and singing old popular favorites of the 30's, 40's,
    50's and 60's along with Hawaiian Songs. I also enjoy Seasonal/Holiday Songs (Winter & Christmas).
    Please check out some of my YouTube uploads (uncle rod amapola, Crazy G, etc)
    I would like to expand the number of uploads... but sometimes think I'm being pretentious
    However, at 72, it may be time to try to 'archive' what I can still do... just for fun!

    Keep uke'in', everyone!
    Uncle Rod Higuchi
    ( )

    Ukulele Boot Camp, FREE Songbook, Holiday, Hawaiian & More:
    Crazy G tutorial on YouTube ( uncle rod crazy g )
    pdf file for Crazy G:

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    One day I was surfing YouTube, and accidentally landed on a video by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. I wasn't a musician, and wasn't really sure what an ukulele was.
    But after seeing how much fun they were having, and how the audience was eating it up, we made a quick trip to a music store.
    Now, listening to anyone who can play well, such as Stu Fuchs, Del Ray, Feng E, James Hill, Vinny Mungo, makes me wanna stroke my strings!
    "Those who bring sunshine and laughter to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves".

    Music washes from the soul, the dust of everyday living.

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    As a former guitarist, I was already used to playing a wide variety of styles/genres of music; on the ukulele I expanded that by adding some cracking songs from the 1920s/30s/40s/50s and am generally happy playing 'any song/tune that I LIKE'. That's what it's all about for me, enjoying it and finding others who enjoy it too!
    All power and respect to you Concert,Tenor and Baritone players, but Soprano is what does it for me every time! (And my beautiful Sopranino!)

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    Absolute beginner here, wasn’t inspired by any music in particular and still don’t feel the need to learn a song, it’s more about chords and progressions at the moment. Not even strumming. Love music, don’t get me wrong. If I had to name a few songs... maybe Absolutely Cuckoo or Reno Dakota by the Magnetic Fields? No tutorials on those on the tube though.

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    So much is or is based on it.

    12 Bar Blues
    Roll over Beethoven, to
    Route 66, to
    Flip, Flop and Fly

    Same three chord progression- but so powerful

    Rock Around the Clock
    Folsom Prison Blues
    Boogie Wookiee Bugle Boy
    Dueling Banjos

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    I love the sound of tunes from the thirties that my mom and dad used to sing. Tunes with some nice changes like If I Had You, Sweet Sue, Sweet Georgia Brown, Hard Hearted Hannah, The Vamp Of Savannah, Ukulele Lady, Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out . . . These are the songs that I started playing and that drew me to the ukulele.
    I also like songs like newer songs like John Prine's Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian, Loudon Wainwright's Ukulele Song, John Rutherford's My Ukulele Helps Me Beat The Blues

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    My image of myself it that of a folk singer. Or a protest singer, lots of protest songs are folk songs, so combination of the two. I play songs over a broad spectrum music now, but folk songs are what drew me to play the ukulele.
    I don't want to live in a world that is linear.

    I just want everyone to understand that I am not a ukulele expert, even though it may look at times like I'm pretending to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kypfer View Post
    I was drawn to the ukulele when I discovered one could be used to play claw-hammer arrangements, as per Aaron Keim, then I diversified into transcribed lute music from the likes of Jamie Holding and Rob MacKillop ... I always preferred to be "different"

    I followed a similar path. I started working on it as a way to share music with my 6-year-old daughter in quarantine. I already play clawhammer banjo so I figured I could clawhammer the uke, too, and learn some chords and simple folk songs with my daughter. My daughter has learned to sing and strum "It Ain't Gonna Rain No More" and "Buffalo Gals". I've hardly played any clawhammer uke at all after the first month or so and have dived into fingerstyle lute and baroque music, as well as working a bit from Aaron's fingerstyle book.

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    I was drawn in by Valérie Sauvage, Wilfried Welti and Rob MacKillop. Then I started watching The Ukulele Review podcasts on YouTube...

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    It wasn't so much the music that I wanted to play, as that I wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, & I thought 4 strings must be easier than 6.....

    In a previous life, before retiring, & the Internet, I had tried to play guitar, clarinet (quite good, but lost my puff), recorders (pretty good, but wanted more oomph), & flute.

    (Today, I mainly play harmonicas, whistles, & keyless folk flutes; just occasionally my ukes, but I enjoy it when I do.)
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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