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Thread: A quiet piece using Ubass and baritone ukulele

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    I’ve got a request: For those of us who live a little too far from McCabe’s to benefit from Denny Croy’s lessons, could you start a thread about some of the patterns that Denny taught you? They certainly work well your accompanying Cali on her wonderful song Smile? Has she done a video of that one? She should. It’s a classic.
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    Denny gives lessons online in Zoom, I did one with him about a month ago. Most times he shows me patterns for specific songs we're doing in the group, and also walk ups and downs for major and minor chords, which I use when I make my own abass arrangments to the songs.

    Cali has a bunch of videos on YouTube, including Smile on Zoom, but before I added the bass track. Just search Cali Rose ukulele,
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