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Thread: FS: Cocobolo Tenor 289 (Low G)

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    Default FS: Cocobolo Tenor 289 (Low G)

    Hi - apologies for this being my first post, I was directed here by r/ukulele trying to find somewhere to sell my uke.

    I'm getting out of the ukulele hobby (don't play them much anymore) and this is my last uke, from cocobolo ukulele marketplace on facebook (i.e. Kevin Keith). It is brand new and I've played it maybe an hour total, ever, and kept in its (uke crazy) case the rest of the time. It's gorgeous and sounds good. Color changes based on lighting. Pictures attached, happy to take more.

    Might any of you be interested?

    Details copied from my paypal invoice. Purchased March 25, 2019, received sometime after.
    Cocobolo Ukuleles Tenor #289
    Solid Nicaraguan Cocobolo Rosewood Soundboard, Back and Sides. Solid Honduran Mahogany Neck, Heel and Bracing. Cocobolo and Olive Body Binding. Grover Sta-Tite Geared Ukulele Tuners. Worth Browns Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings. White Mother of Pearl Fretboard Top and Side Markers. Side Port.
    Mi-Si Trio Uke Pickup
    Pickup Installation
    Snakewood Strap Button

    I paid a total of $793: $499 + $139 (pickup, which I never used) + $25 (pickup installation) + $15 (button) + $119 (DHL shipping). Hoping to get something close-ish to that, but negotiable. Any interest is welcome.

    Located near columbus circle Manhattan, NY if you're in the area please come and try it, else I can try shipping (having never shipped a uke before).
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