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Thread: Kanile'a owners-how do you consider the neck profile ?

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    Default Kanile'a owners-how do you consider the neck profile ?

    I am considering purchasing a Kanile'a uke for the neck profile is supposed to be thin, which is what I like. I am wanting a baritone and it is supposedly thinner than my Pono baritone that I have now, and the upgrade is about $900 so I want to be sure I am doing the "right" thing.
    NOTE: when I say thin...I am referring to distance from the top of the fretboard to the back of the neck. The width at the nut is not a concern for me. Thanks for any opinions.

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    I would say the neck on my Kanile'a KPA is definitely not as thin as my KoAlohas - but none of them are baritones.

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    There’s a pretty big difference in thickness between my Pono and Kanile’a. The Kanile’a is significantly thinner and has more of a D shape with pronounced shoulders than my Pono’s C shape.

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    My Kanile'a is certainly on the thin side—I prefer thicker and more chunky—but my hand was able to adapt quickly (I'm used to Spanish made classical guitars). My Kanile'a, Pono, Kala Elite and Kremona all have different neck thicknesses but my hand can adjust, albeit the super chunky Kala Elite is the most comfy. The only ukulele that was too thin for comfort was my Romero Creations Replica. Even after a few months I just couldn't adjust to the ultra thin neck and had to sell it.

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    I have lots of ukes, and I've never given a thought to the neck profile. The only "adjustment" I have to make when switching from uke to uke is the spacing of the frets and strings.
    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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    Thiness is not the only consideration. But, the shape. Whether it is D shaped or C shaped. I have a Super Soprano Kanile'a and it is D shaped. I have a KLOS tenor and it is C shaped. My Ohana is U shaped.
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    Here is a picture of my Kanilea baritone and Pono big baritone. The Kanilea is considerably thinner, which is more comfortable IMHO, but not so different that I can't play and enjoy them both.
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