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Thread: Confused about tension of fluorocarbon strings...

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    Interesting information.

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    We ukulele players tend to have the problem with sopranoes in that the strings are too floppy. Strings being less in tension does not mean that playing with too high nut action makes it easier for our fingertips, it will always hurt if not used to. Just the less tension makes us easier to bend strings erroneously. And then a little out of pitch, nothing too drastic as it is a little strumming device as all our ukes basically are.

    With larger scales we get more tension and comfort in that we don't play so easy bending. Of course it is all a technique thing in the first place.

    I find myself a classical guitar scale a bit too much for my rather short fingers for even ukulele chord like Fm 1013, not sure if a baritone too as the scale is shorter. I will have to keep my thumb behind the neck to play it it in classical guitar turned to "baritone". Of course it is easy manageable, because it rests on my lap. Even easier with classical guitar position. This is for playing ukulele without a strap. We then have our thumbs not behind the neck, except in barre chords. but pointing out

    I don't have a tenor, but I think I would be just fine with it's scale. Just don't own one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin666 View Post
    Regarding Martin strings, the low tension of their new polygut strings is remarkable, even though they are slightly thicker than their F/C strings. I wonder if they can still sound decent with such low tension. Here are the data for comparison:
    F/C A E C G Tension Model
    Soprano/Concert .0191 .0251 .0340 .0220 35.4 M600
    Tenor .0220 .0284 .0340 .0251 55.3 M620
    Polygut A E C G Tension Model
    Soprano .0220 .0275 .0310 .0228 26.4 M605
    Concert .0228 .0287 .0318 .0236 31.4 M610
    Tenor .0236 .0295 .0326 .0244 37.1 M625
    The soprano polygut strings sound good, but they will not be everyones cup of tea. The a-string in particular does feel somewhat low tension but not ridiculously so. They are spanky and jangly and I believe that is what Martin was going for. That said, I've never been in love with how low the tension is on them and recently put a set of the M625s on a soprano. I liked those more. They still sounded like Martin Polygut strings (which as I understand are just Aquila Carbon Blacks repackaged) and still had plenty of brightness and bark, but were definitly fuller, louder, and warmer than the ones marketed for sopranos. It was clear that they were driving the top harder. I liked them better but could see others liking the soprano ones better if that was the sound they were going for.
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