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Thread: 5, 6 or 8 string Soprano?

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    Default 5, 6 or 8 string Soprano?

    I have a client requesting a custom soprano 8 string ukulele build. I have never even seen an 8 string soprano let alone to try an build one. The challenge sounds interesting but, probably not possible. The poor little thing would probably tear itself apart without massive bracing which would probably not sound very good. Perhaps it could be done with 5 or 6 strings but, I haven’t eve seen such a device.
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    Yeah that does not sound like a good idea and look weird with wide fretboard. Though with taropatch tuning and strings just doubled may sound ok. Advice would be to go concert size and then do an actual taropatch.

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    Thanks merlin666,
    I’m not even sure she would like playing one. Although, I like the idea of going up to the next size
    with the taropatch. I’ve only built one 8 string tenor so far, so I have a little trepidation about the challenge if it materializes. Thanks again and I’ll check back to let you know what happens.

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