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Thread: Collaborations

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    I just finished putting together a video of the leader of my group, Cali Rose & The CC Strummers, and 19 0f our members, which I will post as soon as she uploads it to her YouTube account. I used Final Cut Pro 10.4 on a Mac Mini 2018, 3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, 8 TB RAID 0 Thunderbolt 3 array. My old MacBook Pro 17" with internal 2 TB SSD ran about 490 read/write, the new Mac Mini runs about 3400. Final Cut Pro is the most versatile editing app made.

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    Enjoying this thread learning about how others create their collaboration projects. I’ve done several over the years with other UU members. Most of the time, it has involved using weTransfer or DropBox for file sharing of both audio and video files. I generally create the final video and use iMovie to do so, however, reading about the other software people are using in lieu of iMovie has piqued my interest.

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    I have discovered that Reaper (a DAW) has some decent video features.
    You can have several video tracks with transitioning between them, tiling them etc. Not super advanced, and medium difficulty, but being able to edit the video in the same software as the music is pretty nice.

    I have not used it for a collaboration yest, but I hope to in the future.
    3 tenors ukuleles and 4 concert ukuleles, wonder it that is enough.

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