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Thread: For Sale: PONO PTK 6 1E @nice!@

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    Default For Sale: PONO PTK 6 1E @nice!@

    Found my barely played koa tenor 6 string pono. It has a pono case and and a factory pick up. Other than the strings the uke looks pretty darn close to new.
    It’s a very nicely built instrument. Grover tuners. It is strung as mentioned above. I can’t find a serial number.
    It needs to be played. I am a guitar guy.
    Still a bargain at above price.
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    Sweet looking uke! Guessing that's solid Koa! Great deal for someone looking for a 6 string uke.
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    Great looking Pono tenor. How is it strung? From the photo it looks like: G-cC-e-Aa. With a wound string on the A?

    Locust, Does it have a serial number? Most Ponos have a s/n on the neck block inside the body. But I don't know if that happened with the early Ponos.

    The first two digits of the s/n refer to the year it was made.

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    Honestly I think you could ask more. I'd hate to see someone buying this and immediately selling it on for a quick profit.
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