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    Hello, I have an old fridge in my garage. A few months ago I mentioned that it started using more electricity to work and as the result I start paying more money. What the problem can be with? Maybe it wil lbe good to ask the specialist to check all parts and see if something is wrong?

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    Hi, You should better get rid of this fridge and buy a new one. When fridge becomes old it costs more money oin electricity and it is a well-known fact. Also, the new models are made in such a way that they save more energy so if ou start count the amount ogf moeny you spend for electrictiy and compare it with the price of a new fridge you will realize that it is better to buy a new one.

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    Old fridges are power hogs. I replaced my fridge in 2007 and it's already paid for itself twice in electricity savings.

    If you don't really need it, get rid of it. Otherwise, look for something with a good Energy Star rating.

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    The likely cause of increased electricity costs is that the appliance is low on coolant. The compressor motor runs longer for the same amount of cooling. You probably just need to have the coolant replaced to have it running at full efficiency.

    In North America appliances are relatively inexpensive and service calls are expensive. Just having a serviceman come to your house costs a large fraction of the cost of a new appliance. I don't know what the economics of home repair are in Ukraine, but it's possible repairs are more reasonable there.

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    Ha, the fridge we bought from a scratch and dent store was anything but cheap. It cost as much as a decent used car!
    An old fridge might be worth fixing, the new ones don't last for 20 years like the old ones did. I've heard that if you get 10 years out of a new one, you've done well.
    I liked our old fridge just fine, but my wife didn't.....and this one holds a lot more.
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