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    I'm wondering if there are others who might be interested in forming a group to play some easy beginner songs. ("Easy" as defined by most music publishers where they put the word "easy" on the song books; these songs are usually full of quarter notes and use 2-4 chords.)

    Each week one member can post a song (tabs, chords, lyrics, etc. anything; but it should be an easy song), and everybody upload his/her rendition (which can be updated with improved versions).

    This group needs to be a private group to legally use copyrighted songs (the selected songs don't have to be copyrighted; it can even be self-composed by the member; but to remain flexible for copyrighted songs, the group should be private). Google Drive offers private access for specific email addresses and can be used to share the weekly songs. But, we can post and discuss in the open.

    The key here is

    1. Have a challenge learning new songs.
    2. Have fun posting the results of your hard work.
    3. Have a group of ukulele friends.

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    Sorry, no. The group never formed as there wasn't any interest.

    Now I'm back into guitars so I don't play the ukulele as much.

    I really wish that this group had started because the best part about playing any instrument is playing for other people.
    If somebody would please take over its organization and be the leader; I'd definitely want to join up.

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    I could support this idea in the case it was possible!

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