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Thread: Kala KA ASFM-T Strings recommendation

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    Default Kala KA ASFM-T Strings recommendation

    Hello Guys,

    im looking for new strings for my Kala Flame Maple Tenor.

    The Uke has a really wonderfull tone, but i didnt found the right strings for it so far.

    I tested Aquillas and they are okay, but i dont like them in general. I tend to finde them a bit dull with low sustain. Volume with them is not the best on this uke.

    At the moment im using "Oasis Warm". The tone is nice, but they are too quiet and the tension is too hard.

    Im looking for really loud fluorocarbons without a ton of tension. If they are also a bit on the brighter side - perfect.

    Have someone this Kala and can give me an advice?

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    Try Worth Clear. They sound really good. If you want a Low G, pair it with a Fremont Squeakless.

    Benjamin Bui

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