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Thread: sci-fi novel with uke wielding heroes

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    Default sci-fi novel with uke wielding heroes

    Here are some pics of my home made ukes - they seem to be taking over. Although, not at least, taking over the world.
    However, in the comic sci-fi novel RETURN OF THE YGGDRASIL the uke wielding heroes help save the world. If you enjoy sci-fi, social satire, or ukes you might love it!


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    Rick Riordan has done many Young Adult books using mythology as the background - the most popular the Percy Jackson series (Lightning Thief) which used Greek Mythology. There are also Norse, Roman, an Egyptian series.

    In one of the more recent, the Greek god Apollo is punished by Zeus, and sent to Earth as an acne-faced adolescent, who must fulfill a quest to save the Oracles - and learn humility - before he can regain his godhood.

    As the Greek god of music, Apollo used a lyre. However, since none is available for an adolescent male on Earth, he uses a ukulele.

    The series is fun mind-candy. And his ukulele playing improves.

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    Default Thanks!

    Mark, as I saw your message, I got used to it and thought what a funny book. but interest took its toll and I bought one copy to read. So what I'm going to tell you is a very entertaining book that combines modern issues of climate change, social media, celebrity status, veganism and food production with a good dose of humor, Australian culture and the relationship between humans and plants. Witty, hilarious and thought-provoking, this book asks a series of important questions to the reader, while offering a sci-fi fun journey unlike any other. This experience cannot be compared with other science fiction that I have read, so I probably recommend it to everyone who loves science fiction and ukulele!
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    Thanks for the book recommendation,,,,I've been looking for something a little different to read.......temporarily out at amazon...

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    Off-topic, sorry:

    You know how when you read something at a glance, your brain just tries to make sense of the letters and is quite capable of making words out of letters even if they're in the wrong order?

    I glanced at this subject line:
    "sci-fi novel with uke wielding heroes"

    And read it as:
    "sci-fi novel with uke wielding horses"

    Now, either way it seems a bit unusual. But, my mind went off on a tangent with uke wielding horses.

    Carry on.
    What could possibly go wrong?

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