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Thread: I need a nudge over the edge.....

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    Default I need a nudge over the edge.....

    Hello all,

    If this posts strangely my iPad has been doing weird things.....including this thread....this is my 3rd time trying to post it.

    I’m looking to buy a RISA Solid Stick Tenor ukulele. I was wondering if actual users could offer their opinions as to the quality of this instrument and issues which might have surfaced over the years of use. I plan on using it for playing in public....I’m not into pedals as yet, but not prepared to pay for the higher end solids which are on the market.

    As I can’t find a location who sells them in Canada, I am looking to purchase from Uke Republic...I’ve read they have outstanding customer service.

    Any opinions and insights would be appreciated. Thanx...Rp
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    No insights on the RISA, but Uke Republic is a fine uke source.
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    I've got the concert & the tenor scales, but must admit to not playing them much, as I found out that I prefer to play acoustically.
    They are good quality instruments, not particularly loud, as they use 'nylon' strings, as against steel, but they will allow using effects from an amp.
    Feels weird not having a headstock at first, but you get used to it.
    Great for practicing quietly, unplugged.

    You need to be a bit more careful when tuning up, because of the angle of the strings from bridge to tuners, especially the 'A' string - just go slowly & you won't break a string.
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    I have the soprano, bought partly out of interest in trying an electric instrument and partly as a very quiet practice uke to avoid bothering other people late in the evening. It's very nicely made and extremely smooth and comfortable to play.

    Following advice elsewhere - and having broken a string within minutes of first getting the uke - I applied some graphite and lubricant to the bar which seems prone to damaging the strings, since when I've had no further issues. Personally I have no experience at all with performance amps, but I can tell you that it sounds very good through headphones and the small practice amp I bought. I sometimes run it through an iRig connector to an old iPad in order to try various virtual pedals and similar doohickies, but again my interest and experience has been purely in playing alone, so I can't offer any recommendations for public performance with it. For my needs, however, I can enthusiastically endorse it.
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    Another happy owner here. I had a soprano "Stick" but sold it to a friend. Regretted parting with it, so when I got the chance to buy another one (second hand), I did. They are very well made. I use mine mostly for silent(ish) practice, but they do sound good through an amp.

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    Thanx all. Your opinions are very much welcome.


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    I have a tenor, but don't use it that often. Only when I traveled and wanted a quiet practice uke for the hotel room.

    If I remember correctly, there were some early problems with the strings being cut by the roller. But I believe that was resolved. That restringing them was a PIA.

    There were several thread discussions about them here(?) and I think in the comments from Baz' review of the concert version. I was able to buy mine used here on the UU Market. They sell pretty quickly when they come up for sale.

    Uke Republic is a very good source. I've bought ukes, lots of strings and a case from them.
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