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Thread: Nut width

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    I do find the Kanile'a K1-T tenors' A-string is easier to accidentally push or pull off the side edge of the fretboard. Especially compared to a Ko'Aloha KTM-00 tenor.

    To be honest, I think the flatter neck of the Kanile'a makes a bigger difference in how your hand will fit the fretboard than the string width.

    I like both very much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clear View Post
    Which model do you have?
    The ruler is a gold-plated Milne Trucking Co. product. The Kamaka is a HF-3LDS and since it is one of the centennial anniversary ukes it has some special appointments and I don't know if the nut width is one of those perks or if it is standard on this model.

    I would like to add one other dimension to this thread. We've talked about nut width, string spacing, but I think another factor is neck profile. I bring this up because I had never thought about it. Even when I bespoke a custom uke, I never asked for anything special. Luckily the luthier did something that I happened to adore. The neck profile was somewhat flat (I think guitarists call it the D shape). So when thinking about nut width and string spacing on the front of the uke, also remember to consider the back of the neck as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripock View Post
    The ruler is a gold-plated Milne Trucking Co. product.
    Funny , . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by clear View Post
    Perhaps you tried a classical guitar? They have flat fretboards and abnormally high actions. Plus, you need scary fingernails to really play them.
    Give acoustic and electric guitars a try instead. All have a radiused fretboards and lower action.
    I tried both, standard flattop and classical, no go. I need a radiused ukulele. So I bought one, it works great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadia View Post
    My Rebel has a 1.5" nut. However the string spacing is closer at the nut than say, my Kanile'a or Pono Pro.
    The Rebel tenor pics I've seen look much like Koaloha tenors: wide 38mm nuts, with rather narrow 27mm string spread at the nut.

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