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Thread: Season 454 - Epiphany (or a sudden great change) + J.M.

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    another homemade-y from me, this time about not knowing it's the last time with someone, until that realisation hits you like a ton of bricks, further down the road

    "the last time"

    you never know it's the last time
    'til it's over, 'til it's gone
    you never know it's the last time
    'til it's over, 'til you're moving on

    you never know it's the last time
    that you'll taste this kiss
    you never know it's the last time
    that you'll be here, held like this

    you never know it's the last time
    'til it's too late, 'til you're lost
    you never know it's the last time
    'til you look back, and count the cost

    acid skiffle

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    A John Mayer song...

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    I don't wanna know about evil
    I only want to know about love
    John Martyn

    Covered by Richie Havens and Sarah Jane Morris
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    Well done Berni, you have prompted me to produce my first song in about 35 years.

    Our daughter Sally moved out in August, to start her first teaching job. She's only about 80 miles away, but she had expected to be closer to home, and finding somewhere to live in an area we don't know was made all the trickier by the lockdown rules.
    The journey there involves crossing the Humber Bridge, which added to the tension of the day, as my wife is terrified of heights. The other peril of the day was the possibility that the radio might play Abba's "Slipping through my fingers", a song which reduced us both to tears when it was on as we took her off to University three years ago.
    When we got home, it dawned on us that finally, 24 years after our eldest was born, it was just the two of us again. - 365 songs in 365 days, raising funds for SolarAid

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    Berni, I've had several epiphanies in recent years, but none of them inspire the muse.

    Instead, I'm going to dive into a Julie Miller song she wrote and husband Buddy recorded for his amazing "Midnight and Lonesome" album. Title cut.

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    An old song just in time for Halloween. I had this on the Island, until someone pointed out to me that the lyrics were written by Johnny Mercer.

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    i'm sorry to reprise an old one Berni
    but it's all i can do right now.
    i always imagined this song as Icarus' final understanding that came too late.

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    So this is my first real attempt at song writing with lovely harmonies and always amazing electric baritone ukulele folded in by Kevin. Hope ya'll enjoy! Digital art made in OpenCanvas

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    Default Outside Lookin' In

    Hope you enjoy this new song called "Outside Lookin' In"
    The last time I submitted was right after I performed at Randy's Memorial with a song I wrote called seasons.
    Thank you for keeping the memories alive. link to Seasons
    I also recently took over Randy's web domains, so they are up and running again. Will update soon. Takes me much longer, he was the master.

    Outside lookin
    Outside lookin’ In

    Four wall around are getting you down, clouding your vision and view,
    Just get outside open your eyes to the wonderful things you can do

    Walking forward with feet on the ground, letting your mind run free…
    Open your eyes to everything around, and soon you will see….

    With the sun in the sky and the birds flying by
    your heart starts to swell from within
    hear the wind in the trees, feel that beautiful breeze
    when your outside, your lookin in

    So many colors like meadows of flowers, glistening under the sun
    humming birds humming their sweet little song and butterflies all having fun.


    Mountains are calling and rivers are flowing waterfalls cascading down
    open your heart, and feel a part off life all around

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    River - Joni Mitchell. Really enjoyed singing this one! And I know it’s too early for Christmas songs!

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