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Thread: a song for barefootgypsy

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    Default a song for barefootgypsy

    Lesley Fowkes (barefootgypsy) has been a beloved member of UU
    these past 8 years and a dear friend to me in that time.
    sadly she lost her battle with MND these past days.
    i recorded this song for her when she first became unwell.
    i am proud to say the little green soprano uke in this film is
    in my possession now and it will be treasured,
    like Lesley always will be, and her memory.
    this is a Deb Talan song called 'Comfort'.

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    I never had the honour of knowing or - to my memory - interacting with Lesley, but this news is very sad. May she R.I.P.
    A lovely song and tribute my friend. Dave x
    Luv n stuff, Dave

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    I did not know her, but what a lovely tribute to her. My condolences on the lost of a lovely lady.
    Jan >^..^<
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    Thanks for posting and sharing this gorgeous vid, Jon. I recently read in the SOTU dedicated to Lesley, hosted by Linda L., that you had won Lesley’s green soprano. So happy you have it. Along with a beautiful card, Lesley sent me some items, via post, a couple years ago. I’ll always treasure these items as well. I‘m having a difficult time coping with her loss, but seeing things like your post, here, help me remember the joy of Lesley instead of focusing on my grief alone. Thanks, again, brother...

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