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Thread: Geezer in cactus country

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    Default Geezer in cactus country

    Hi, all. I’m a retiree living in Arizona. I’ve wanted a ukulele for a while but it took some time to fit it into my budget. I ordered an Ohana CK-10 from Mim and it arrived a few days ago. Such a nice person and wonderful service. A short time ago I met a lady here in town who was going to help me with some beginner lessons. But she had to go out of state to help out some family members who were affected by the corona virus. I hope all goes well for them. So I have started to work my way through Uncle Rod’s Bootcamp.

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    Hi Seven, welcome to the UU Forum.

    I used to live North of Phoenix in Surprise. Can't go wrong with Uncle Rod's Boot Camp.

    Two other Member's have good info for players:
    Brad Bordessa: Listen to my ʻukulele podcast!

    And Barry Baz has a website aimed specifically at beginners. With information, tips, opinions, and his very well respected ukulele reviews:

    I hope the links work.
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    Welcome to UU SevenThumbs! I hope your Ohana brings you much pleasure. There is lots to explore, you can keep it fairly basic and fun; or you could keep on learning for a decade or more. I think that the humble ukulele might be one of the most versatile instruments you'll find.

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    Welcome SevenThumbs!

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    Hi! Welcome!
    "So many ukes, so little money..."

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