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    After buying and selling a couple of these I decided it’s my favorite ukulele. You can’t beat the sound, playability and durability in a ukulele that doesn’t need to be humidified. I might get another so can have one in high g. If you haven’t tried a Farallon and are looking for a ukulele you don’t need to humidify I would suggest a Blackbird Farallon.
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    I thought it was hands down TERRIFIC!! Enjoy it - superb instruments!
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    I have 3 superb tenors.
    But if I could only have one I'd keep the Farallon and put a Misi pickup in it.

    By the way, @bazmaz: I didn't buy any of the 3 because I read your review, but I didn't buy any of them until after I read your review!
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