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Thread: Pono mahogany deluxe Sop for Sawp

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    Default Pono mahogany deluxe Sop for Sawp

    I’m a tenor player primarily, this was bought to play away from the comfort of my own home, but just can’t get on with the smaller scale. Would like to trade with a tenor of equal value. Would consider cash offers too.

    All solid mahogany
    Ebony bridge, board and face plate
    Logo in abalone
    Hard case and spare strings included
    Currently strung with moonbeam Flouros
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    This is a nice looking soprano! I have a Pono deluxe in acacia that looks and sounds beautiful. I'm not much of a soprano person either, though my two Ponos are keepers. Good luck with your trade!
    "So many ukes, so little money..."

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    Have you considered selling it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsfloyd View Post
    Have you considered selling it?
    No, not really as I do use it for staying away play. Just require something with more body and space up the fretboard.

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