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Thread: FS Multiple Ukes (6) Ohana, Islander, Kala's, Fender, ENYA

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    I can't read the label, does it say where was the Islander made?
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    Quote Originally Posted by strumsilly View Post
    I can't read the label, does it say where was the Islander made?
    Hi. The label doesn't say where it was made, only, "Made by Kanile'a" and when I purchased it from HMS, their description didn't say either.
    As such, I have no firsthand information :-)

    Baz has done a few reviews on the Islanders and doing a search on " Where are Islander ukulele's made?" indicates that Kanile'a makes the Islander in China, which is shipped to Kanile'a which inspects it, blah blah blah (review info)

    All I know :-) is that HMS did a good job setting it up, it plays and sounds great. Intonation is as good as the K-2 that I subsequently purchased.

    Hope that helps.
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