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Thread: New Uke, pickup stopped working

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    Default New Uke, pickup stopped working

    This is my first post to Ukulele Underground, although I have browsed similar threads for help on this. I have little to no experience on both uke and electronic parts and I’m hoping someone could kindly point me in the right direction to fix this issue.

    I just bought a cheap electric Concert Ukulele on Amazon - a Donner DUC-4E. No buzzing, good sound overall, lcd tuner and pickup were working just fine plugged in my amp. Then I put it aside for ten minutes and when I try it again the pickup has stopped working completely.
    Amp was working properly so I first thought the tuner was on (it wasn’t) and tried turning it off and on, plug it in with different cables, unscrewed as gently as possible the whole battery/line part to search for loose wires - but nothing seems off. It came with two brand new 3V watch button batteries so it's not a battery issue, as the tuner's still functioning like I said.

    What you think it could be?

    I know I could simply have Amazon to replace it, but I really like this little fella and I’d just prefer to try and fix it myself if is something I can manage to.

    Thanks again for any help!

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    Could you have left the tuner on, most preamps with tuners will shutoff the output when the tuner is active. Also, just to be aware, never leave the cable to the amp plugged into the uke when you're not playing, when it's plugged in, the preamp activates and will kill the batteries in a short time.

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