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Thread: Breedlove Pursuit Concert Acoustic Ukulele Satin Natural

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    Default Breedlove Pursuit Concert Acoustic Ukulele Satin Natural

    Not sure if this goes here, but Musician's Friend is selling Breedlove's entry-level myrtlewood concert through Target at a considerable discount.

    The ukulele is all laminate and normally listed for $190. It's on sale for $130 right now through Target's website (I don't think they sell them in stores).

    From my knowledge of Breedlove's recent/import ukuleles:

    They're made in China. They're decently made, but a little overbuilt. All the models are solid top and laminate back and sides, except this model. Their onboard tuners are terrible (but this one doesn't have one). Their ukes range from $190 (this one) to $300. But they're all built very similarly. The only differences between models being purfling/rosette, cutaway, electronics, wood stain/coloring, and finish. They're pretty much all made of myrtlewood with one spruce exception. And they're mostly all concerts, with a couple tenors.

    I think their more expensive ukes aren't the best bargains--there's better out there at the same price. But this one is a great deal for a beginner or beater uke, since it's mostly the same specs as their better stuff.

    Edit: Link isn't working, but you can find it on Target's website. If you have a Target card, you get an additional 5% off and it ships free. Everywhere else, Musician's Friend has it listed for $150.
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    Thanks! I shared this with others. I think you're maybe getting fewer views because your title doesn't indicate that it's a deal you've found and not your own personal uke for sale.

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