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Thread: LfDM Spruce Amazon tenor Mint

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    Default LfDM Spruce Amazon tenor Mint

    3E7680D6-40CD-4570-A6CD-4FFE81DD4A37.jpg1D49F2CA-64CD-4B8B-B89C-BC3665370C1D.jpgB5C069A2-4A61-4670-9BCC-8F753B6E6E14.jpgB4A80618-3EB1-4494-AA28-0A6E7B8BC092.jpgMint condition LfDM tenor with soundport, slot-head and all the beauty you would expect!
    I have two new LfDM tenors and am playing more guitar these days
    for some reason I can't add pictures,
    can see pictures on Reverb
    $2950. plus shipping
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    Lucky you to have 2! Price?
    "So many ukes, so little money..."

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    $2950, and will include shipping CONUS,
    Was $3900 new, essentials new condition

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    What an exceptional instrument! My Amazon rosewood LFDM is the most open, articulate, playable uke I have ever experienced- including several from elite, renown, boutique builders who command twice the price or more for their decorative art. Luis somehow seems to "dial-in" this etherial tone that seems to emanate from "space" rather than thru the sound hole of a small instrument. Whoever buys this will have no regrets--although Ron I suspect you will regret selling it even though you have another LFDM.

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    Beautiful Amazon rosewood! Love how it looks on the fretboard.
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    Price drop to $2800 shipped.

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    Man I wish I could. But this is not the right time.

    Ron's instruments are immaculate. LFdM ukes are amazing. Beautiful to look at. Wonderful sound. Easy to play.
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    Good lord, that's nice!

    It's a good thing I don't play tenor scale! I'd be broke.
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    it's super nice, just playing much more classical guitar these days, not out gigging with the ukes.

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    Anyone that listens to the sound sample knows how exceptional the tone is on this instrument. When Corey grabs it and say “Whoa” on the first strum........well he has plays 1000s of ukes.

    My LfdM tenor is the same wood combo as this ukulele, Sitka and Amazon rosewood. When I asked Luis to build me an instrument I said pick the wood combo you like the best, those are his favourite.

    Good luck with the sale, it can be tough to sell a uke of that price right after Christmas. I am not affiliated with the seller at all. I have never communicated with him but this is an amazing instrument at a great price. It would be over $4000 today.
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