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Thread: Brexit started already

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    Perhaps. But no one in the US really gets to criticize, because there is simply no way the US would accept the type of limits on its sovereignty that the EU imposed on its members. It might prove to be a mistake in the long run, but I sure can't fault them for wanting to control their own economy, borders, and immigration.

    Full disclosure - I went to university in the UK (York) and rather like the place.

    But this is getting AWFULLY political for a uke forum!
    Fair enough. I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes, and as a stranger on the internet, my opinion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. That said, the comparison to the U.S. seems a little apples and oranges. Moreover, refusal to join seems very different than withdrawal/secession. But like everyone else, I hope for the best for Mr. Timms and all the other fantastic uke builders in the UK, along with the rest of the country.

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    We were offered a vote on whether we wanted to join a Common Market, which we did - but no one was offered a vote as to whether we were to be ruled by Foreigners.

    We didn't vote to join the European Union, the Government just decided that they wanted it, the people didn't - & when we got the vote to leave, we were meant to leave, not fudge deals with them!

    We should have just walked away 'No Deal' - the EU would have lost more than us.

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    The vote was very close, although many people did vote for Brexit, a really large number didn't. Just saying... There are some of us who aren't that pleased with how it all went down, believe in different things and take a different stance. Sweeping statements don't apply to us all.

    There are happy people, not so happy people and really unhappy people over the whole thing.
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    Sovereigns have sovereignty, what sovereignty do subjects of Her Majesty believe that they have?
    OK, I've done it now.
    Brexit was about only allowing the "English" ruling class to rule over the English. None of those swarthy Euro should "rule" over the English, no matter if their rules were better or not.
    There was a principle to defend here.

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    Thread is closed!

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