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Thread: Moore Bettah Concert & Soprano

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    Default Moore Bettah Concert & Soprano

    I think it's pretty rare for a Moore Bettah concert or soprano to show up for sale, so in case someone has that on their wish list, there are both a concert and soprano for sale on the Ukulele Friend website.
    No sound samples posted yet, but they sure look lovely.

    I have no connection to the sale. I just know that when I had more income, and thought that might be a bucket list ukulele, I never was able to find a concert Moore Bettah, so thought that maybe someone else would be interested.

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    Ukulele Friend has sound samples now for these ukuleles.
    If I could, I'd be snapping up that concert. Incredible sound.
    But, since I won't be buying it, I hope that anyone who had this on their wish list and can buy it will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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    Nice, these are definitely rare birds:
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