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Thread: Song book, lyrics & chords - consistency

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    Default Song book, lyrics & chords - consistency

    I dont want to claim I have invented anything new, but I have written out some standard songs for the ukulele in a way that I find useful. I know others have done the same, and probably better. Indeed some of mine will have come from them. I must credit you.

    Anyway with that humble caveat said, these are the improvements that you may like. Each song fits on one page - on an iPad, portrait. All easily readable, same font, italics for choruses, bold for chords and such like. I have tried to be pedantically consistent!

    It is a pdf, or with a clickable contents page as EPub or Pages.

    Everything to be played is in blue.
    All variations, such as minor, diminished, additional notes, different fingering, fingerpicking etc are annotated in the chord if unique as superscripts, chords in 2020 form at the top. I have included riffs and intros to the best of my ability where I have been able to work them out.

    Embellishments or my suggestions and all instructions are in red.

    You may find all of this a clutter or unnecessary, but I need reminders!

    I can’t easily explain here, but here is an example.
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    Trying! (Apparently very trying...)

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