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Thread: String Spacing - Guitalele, Guilele, etc. Esp. G9126

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    I have a G9126
    Nut width = 1.90" / 48.3mm
    String spacing @ nut = 1.56" / 39.5mm
    String spacing @ bridge = 2.36" / 60.0mm
    My ukuleles:
    Locals concert, Fluke concert, Gretsch G9126 guitulele, Kala KA-SSTU soprano, Kala-SSTU-TE tenor, Kala UBass EM-FS
    Build #1 Cheap plywood soprano kit
    Build #2 Stewmac soprano
    Build #3 Stewmac baritone (I messed up the neck angle so rebuilding it)
    Build #4 Stewmac solid koa tenor (in progress)
    Build #5 Stewmac concert (in progress)

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    Don't know if it's relevant to this thread but I think it might be of interest to you : after spending many years with a Gretsch 9126, I just received yesterday a Valencia CG-350, and this may be the ultimate guitalele for me : with a scale length of 465 mm, there's plenty of room but the best part is a comfortable 52 mm (!) at the nut, so it's almost a regular CG neck with the small body of a guitalele. Last but not least, I changed the terrible stock strings and put a set of Savarez Prodige 38 ; with that I was able to achieve a regular E tuning with a serious tension. The vaulted back compensate for the "thinline" body and the instrument has a strong voice and plenty of sustain. There you have a real small guitar for a fraction of the price of the Cordoba Mini... Strongly recommended !

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