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    I've always wondered if holding the neck or having weight on a Neck strap affects the tuner clipped to the headstock of my tenor uke?

    They work by sensing vibration. But if my hand or pressure from the strap, especially one attached at the headstock, dampens the vibrations in the neck, will this affect the vibrations reaching the tuner?
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    I've never heard of this happening. If it doesn't work, it's because the tuner sucks or you've got it clipped in a dead zone on the headstock.

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    I think perhaps your hand may deaden some vibration or frequency, but not eliminate them completely. People use clip on tuners on all kinds of instruments, including wind instruments where you have two hands holding it. I have never heard of an issue

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    Seems like an easy experiment...

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    When I have problems tuning with my D'Addario Micros, I've tried holding the the uke away from my body, didn't make any difference. Those tuners are very sensitive and will pickup even minor vibrations.

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