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Thread: UAS: I sold a ukulele

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    Wink UAS: I sold a ukulele

    I sold a ukulele today, and did not die. Check in on me tomorrow though.
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    I did too. Feels pretty good.

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    Congratulations to both of you.

    Today, I thought about maybe, possibly, selling a ukulele...
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    today, sure. It's tomorrow when the tremors start.
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    I love selling ukes because it means I get to buy something new!!!

    Though I don't have UAS. I have UBASS (Ukulele Buying and Selling Syndrome).
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    Sold 1. Trashed out 2 (warped neck on 1, incurable buzz on the other). Bought 2. Have 1 for sale locally...

    So, I am currently at -1. Goal is -2, but it's early in the year.

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    I sold a ukulele around Thanksgiving. Then I bought 2 more...
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    • Bonanzalele

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    I am thinking about selling a ukulele....
    "So many ukes, so little money..."

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    I had been trying to sell my MagicFluke SB Tenor, had an offer, declined it and closed thread. Now I reopened thread.
    Was waffling because of the personal laser-etching on it.

    Is it silly to keep some instrument for that reason if I'm not gonna play it?
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    It wasn't as hard as I expected. I recently bought an acoustic guitar that had to be paid for somehow.

    My meager ukulele inventory listing below doesn't include the entry level ukuleles that I acquired along the way, but haven't figured out what to do with. I'm caught between only wanting to play my Kanilea 100% of the time and never touching another ukulele, and trying to get one of everything ever made. Lol.

    (Side story: The guy who bought my ukulele found it on Flea Market Music but coincidentally lives just a few blocks from me. I arrived at the scheduled time and his garage door opens, and inside a room full of surfboards and a custom shaping area. He makes the most beautiful custom surf boards you could ever imagine. We ended up talking surf boards for about half an hour. I was worried that I would end up keeping the ukulele and ordering a surf board. Fortunately, he paid cash, but I'm certain to order my next board there. My number of surfboards slightly exceeds ukuleles. For now.)
    Pono PS-O Mahogany Soprano
    Islander MAT-4 Spalted Maple Tenor
    Kanilea K-1 Koa Tenor
    Kala KA-BMB-T Bamboo Tenor
    Tony Graziano "Led Jr" Custom Spruce Tenor Cutaway

    ** All thumbs. Strumming daily.

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