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Thread: Shipping Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwizum View Post
    When you check out at Amazon, you can choose to deliver to an "Amazon Locker", which is basically the same idea as the services mentioned above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibes37 View Post
    I just moved and my new place has all the mailboxes together in a location when you enter. There is a package box, but it is not large enough for more ukes! I figure some of you live in the sticks like me now, what are my options?
    As you use "mailboxes" in your query, my reply will reference US Postal Service :-) ... I have a rural address as well, and if I'm expecting a USPS shipped package I notify my carrier and the postmaster (for my zip code) to hold the package for me to pick up at the office. The postmaster is the most important one, but since my carrier has been overwhelmed with parcels, I left him a note as a courtesy reminder.
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