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Thread: Season 466- If You Want Blood (You Got It)

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    Here's a bloody song called The Sick Note.

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    Bleeding All Over The Place, Randy Newman, 1995

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    thank you for this week Christopher
    this, a Richard Buckner song

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    Thank you, Seasonistas! The first 24 hours of this blood bath has netted some amazing performances. I am utterly stunned at the speed at which some of you people on the early shift can craft such epic work. It often takes me half of the week just to come up with an idea to try.

    I detected a slight bit of confusion as to what this Bloody theme is all about:
    The easy answer is just to bring a song about blood or bleeding.
    The more complex answer is to allow yourself to be a conduit for deeply felt emotion or feeling or passion (positive or negative valence, it matters not.) To take things to extremes as if your life depended upon it.

    As a background, let me share with you that I 'inherited' this Season 466 from Gina'sUke when time constraints made it difficult for her to host a season at this particular moment. Sister Gina is one of my favourite Seasonistas because she is seemingly fearless about showing her great emotional depth. To do such a thing is a bit like cutting open and exposing your own soul. It can be rather difficult to hold the knife steady while you perform this operation.

    I could try to explain some more, but maybe it would be more illustrative of my point simply to watch Jon Duncan's performance appearing just above this posting....

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    For Season 466, ( " If you want blood, you've got it " which ,incidentally the tour of which by AC/DC I saw at a venue in Manchester, about 1979 ) Which unless I have it wrong , in which we are being asked to bring face and angst and shredding and more angst to the show. Whilst if not actually singing about blood ,then a bloody heartfelt performance ? I bloody well hope this hope this fits. Complete with starting cock up at the front !! Bariguilele hooked up to Yamaha th10 via a zoom pedal teetering on the edge of feeding back .Hence my back to the amp !!! A ceejay original so it's all mine and what it is too !!

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    So Saturday I was doing housework and was listening to the album Undertow by Drenge, which is a fantastic album I would recommend to anyone. But as I was singing along, I thought, "man I hope Chris let's me play a song from here this week"

    The last time I considered playing this song for a season I lost a string and shelved the idea. So I figured it was a good place to start. Tried my best to get some actual blod going but alas I roughed it out.

    "Even on a cloudy day, I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun"

    "But I heard voices, Not in the head, out in the air, they called to me. Through record speakers, through thick and thin, they found a shelter, beneath my skin"



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    I've been making a bit of a racket over the last couple of days. Here's an Arcade Fire song that I've always liked to (try to) play if anyone lets me get near an organ.

    I quite liked how this sounded on just the baritone uke, but then to fit the theme, I, as it were, threw the kitchen sink at it. So there's also a tenor uke (Matilda), an electric concert uke (Judas), a midi keyboard providing organ, piano and bass, and a few more vocal tracks by a group I've just decided are called "The Steamers". The 8 string doesn't have a name yet. Oh, and there's a shaky egg.

    I hope I've understood the intention of the theme right! If not, well, it's too late, I did it anyway.
    - Edwin

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    another for Rob - sort of requested by him so i'll let him do the singing

    from youtube comment more to Christopher than me

    "another good one would be
    Are you washed in the blood?
    In the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb?
    Are your garments spotless, are they white as snow?
    Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?"

    also when asked how he was going....

    "slurred speech and not walking properly... foot flopping about like a fish out of water."

    apparently singing well know songs is good vocal therapy Rob
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    Hey, Christopher. Thanks for hosting!

    Here's an original for the season and something a bit different to what I usually do.
    It's mostly on 6 string tenor with a little solo on the electrified 8 string, some GarageBand organ and drums and some extra percussion on an almost empty bottle of port.
    I found an old public information film from the 1960's by the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Association and shamelessly stole big chunks of it in place of traditional vocals...

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    SOTU 466 - "California Bloodlines," by John Stewart (1969). Although I now live in Texas, I was born and raised in California and my family has deep roots there. I was living in Lake Tahoe in 1971 and my roommate was a John Stewart fan who played this record constantly. Stewart had formerly been a member of the Kingston Trio and you couldn't help but be impressed with his voice and a sincere appreciation for the wonders and history of the Golden State. Thanks for friends Kevin, Gerald, Mattieu and Chuck for playing on this and thanks to my Lake Tahoe roommate, the late Steve Powers, for turning me on to this music.

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