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    Default Bass comparisons

    Here's an interesting video comparing various basses, upright, bass uke, electric bass. It actually validates the decision I made recently to get rid of the poly strings on my bass ukes for flatwound, Gold Tone/La Bella MBLS 25" and Galli 20.5", 23".

    This is Michael Kohan in Los Angeles, Beverly Grove near the Beverly Center
    8 tenor cutaway ukes, 4 acoustic bass ukes, 12 solid body bass ukes, 14 mini electric bass guitars (Total: 38)

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    Charming woman. Enlightening video. Thank you.

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    Only thing I can point out as a double bass player is that a plastic acoustic-electric DB that "makes very little acoustic sound unless plugged in" is unlikely to be representative of a Kay with gut strings or a fully carved DB with Spirocore strings.

    And listening bears that out.

    So really you're talking about comparing a handful of electrically amplified basses. None of them is a double bass in the sense of what Ray Brown or Charles Mingus or Paul Chambers or Jake Tullock played.
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    Michael, Thank You for posting this delightful lady with such enlightening info. For you, the flatwound decision was reaffirmed. I preferred the roundwound sound of the fretted Warwick with the double humbuckers. I grew up listening to guys like John Entwistle and Tim Bogart (who recently died). Each of us has a sound preference. Regardless, all of us short scale sister and brother pluckers have one thing in common. We play a little bass.

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    It also helps if you pluck in the same spot relative to the scale length as you would on an upright when you're trying to get that upright sound from something else.

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