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Thread: A Shout Out for Ohana and Uke Like the Pros!

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    Default A Shout Out for Ohana and Uke Like the Pros!

    I just made a charitable contribution to an organization that puts guitars and ukuleles into classrooms for kids to learn on. I did it by buying a beautiful Ohana limited edition concert uke from Uke Like the Pros. See

    What a fabulous deal. Not on the price, although that was OK. But on the concept. Ohana donates the instrument, ULTP markets it and gets it to the end user, and I put the actual $ in and get a great instrument. And, 100% of the $ goes to the charity. It's a win, win, win, win situation. Everyone, including the kids, comes out on the deal.

    So, a "shout out" to Ohana and ULTP! They made my decision SO easy!

    P.S. What I meant by "comes out on the deal" is that the charitable donation was the result of a combined effort that we all can feel good about.
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    Good on you!

    I have an Ohana cedar/rosewood Soprano and it is very nice!

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    Of the several Ohanas that have passed through my hands, the rosewood and spruce satin sop was my favorite. What an incredible sound! Congrats!

    I love the win-win here!
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    Very cool of u VegasGeorge...Love the win win!
    Love my Ohana tenor

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    Spruce and rosewood is my favorite too! What a great find, congrats!

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