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Thread: FS: Antica Ukuleleria Sacco soprano

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    The threshold sounds right. Later last year, I imported an uke out of the UK and ended up paying a fee because its declared value was over $800. The fee is something to think about when buying from overseas.

    ...Nice Sacco! The tenor version will be interesting. Sometimes a design looks perfect in a smaller size like this one. I wonder if the design will look and sound as good when it’s applied to the larger size?
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    With the Euro going "ape" in the last few months, it's really hard to make a purchase now, that won't be 'charged' for in the future. My original order was when the Euro was at $1.08 and the Libero was finished when it hit. $1.22 and shipping rates went up by 10 E as well. So it amounted to about a 13% increase in price, just because of the waiting period. Marco wasn't comfortable accepting full payment at order time ( he then only required a 100E down payment ). I like the Libero he made for me, but I doubt I'll be making any international purchases again. Worth considering if you're considering buying this used, well traveled :-) luthier made, one of a kind instrument.
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    Thanks for heads up on Sacco tenor now available....sort. November is a long time and exchange and freight are brutal right now.

    I’m going to check it out but........likely will wait for things to settle down.

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