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Thread: Unlisted or public?

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    Default Unlisted or public?

    Being in doubt of what to do myself, I am courious of what other participants in the seasons tend to do.

    Do you post your Seasons videos as Public on Youtube, so people can find them in a search, or unlisted, so you need the link?

    Usually I would go with unlisted, since I doubt a lot of people will want to listen to it - and I don't really fancy my colleagues stumbling upon my silly hobby. But sometimes when I have spent a lot of time on a video I also think it is a pity if nobody will see it after the season has ended. So I make some of those public that I am not to sensitive about. Sometimes I regret making something Public or Unlisted after listening to it afterwards, and change the setting.

    I made a poll - what do you guys do?
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    I set all mine to public as standard. I'm still getting hits on random entries from years ago, usually songs that aren't always covered on ukulele.

    I imagine you have to be fairly deep down the YouTube rabbit hole to find my stuff so I may as well keep it public
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    I don't bother with that silliness. I just keep it public so strangers can look at and judge my videos.

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    I posted my first few as unlisted since I was nervous enough about posting things at all! But I've got a bit more confidence now so I set them public. After all, as Oscar Wilde didn't say, the only thing worse than people watching your videos is people not watching your videos .

    I still edit my head out though. It's probably silly, but I don't really want my professional colleages - or worse, my students! - recognising me too easily while I'm plinking merrily away.

    Mind, if any of them are in the habit of typing things like "Tom Waits ukulele cover" into youtube they're probably not the sort of people who'd mock me too hard .
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    Like JT, I started off posting the videos 'unlisted'. After about six weeks I changed it, and I've posted them public since.
    Many of my entries are rather unpolished. Instead of not posting and give in to perfectionism, I now recognise and respect that there are errors.
    I don't expect many people who know me and / or many people I know to accidentaly stumble upon my videos.

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    I've been doing more unlisted because I don't understand the child ratings and I don't want to run afoul with puppets.

    I don't worry about people seeing it otherwise - I try to run with the standard Internet rule of not posting anything I wouldn't want my Mom, my spouse, or my boss to see.

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    If I think it's a particularly bad video but for some reason I'm willing to post it anyway, I'll put it as "unlisted". But after 45 years of playing the uke, I have very little shame left, so I usually just list it as "public". Once in a while something interesting and weird happens, like hundreds of people in Brazil listening to a Tame Impala cover.

    Arcy, I just list all of mine as not being for children. Even if I'm covering a Sesame Street song.
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    I am now asked to either upload a copy of photo ID or add a credit card to listen to anything listed as "adult content". I've declined so far.

    I might start looking for an alternative to YouTube. Or go audio-only.

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    I always go unlisted because I usually delete all my videos anyway. I deleted my entire channel content a few months back which Included subscribers because I didn't want to get bogged down or fall into the trap of being more concerned about how many views I've had, how many subscribers or any of the other ego based YT stats rather than the music I play. I like to keep things light, I like to keep things private and share with those I've chosen to share with and I like to move forward and progress in a quiet way. I guess the bottom line Is we're all different and It's what you want out of all of this and what you need feeding (if anything) to stoke your fire, keep you Inspired and keep you driving.
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    Mine are public. I'm not too bothered about any non-UU people stumbling over them, and I have had some fun from the random comments which appear years after I have posted something. - 365 songs in 365 days, raising funds for SolarAid

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