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Thread: Unlisted or public?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAB11 View Post
    Ah well that's her loss then!

    Having played around with various Midi drum options over the last couple weeks and getting immensely frustrated it just drives home how impressive your productions are mate
    Thanks Ryan - really appreciate that! Writing drum parts for my stuff is one of my favourite things to do!
    My YouTube channel:

    My 'Yazuke' collaborations with bird's eye view of my ukulele:

    My 'Griffs' collaborations with Mezcalero:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountain goat View Post
    your last line Mikkel.
    it's not true.
    that said, and given the tiny volume of listeners we receive,
    and reading now what are your legitimate and real concerns -
    i feel that i understand your point more.
    we all have hang ups about how good or shit we are brother.
    having been youtubing now for 10 years i have read enough asshole
    comments and perhaps i've developed a thicker skin.
    i don't care about those anymore b/c those always will come.
    i love to play music. yt has every quality of music there,
    i don't believe there are expectations, but for those we place upon ourselves.
    i enjoy your music very much mate and i'm not sure a fellow who enjoys playing and sharing a song on yt
    would be judged the way you might fear by your work colleagues.
    bottom line for me: enjoy music. enjoy playing and sharing it brother.
    we all enjoy yours.

    to your original question: public or private? it's up to you.
    i'm not sure what else anyone can add as it seems you already are aware of your boundaries
    and the reasons for them.
    This is, more or less, what I wanted to write (aside from the 10yrs bit)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAB11 View Post
    See I quite like that about your friend. Empty encouragement if you're trying to improve and develop as a musician is fairly useless. Having someone whose opinion you value tell you something isn't working is good.

    I wish I had more people tell me they liked or didn't like a specific aspect of what I do, because at least that means they're engaging with it rather than just chucking up a well done because they feel they have to
    certainly i'd second this.
    i sometimes share my music on FB -
    then after literally a few seconds a couple of 'like' buttons will come up.
    they haven't even bothered to listen to the song.

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    Public. I love when people find me and my offerings and get value from it! 🤗
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