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Thread: I Want One Of These! All Out Of Stock!

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    I have the black and white version, $110 delivered. It's a nice alternative to traditional ukes. I played it quite a bit a couple of weeks ago, and I think the steel strings wore down my strumming fingernail. Without an amp, it's almost silent, but an amp brings it to life. Vorson's motto: “If you play ukulele you will HAVE to have one.” I got mine from Walmart, not my first choice for ukuleles.
    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcy View Post
    Mim ( has a Risa in stock. Many times more expensive than the Vorson, and I wouldn't expect anybody to seriously cross-shop them. Mim carries Flight as well and will likely get the solid bodies in when she can.

    BazMaz has reviews of all three on
    You may need to search on Clearwater instead of Vorson - same thing, different name on each side of the pond.
    Thanks for the links. I saw the Risa solid for $600 which is way beyond my budget. That instrument would be for a pro. I just want something to play that sounds nice. I tried to search clearwater but it is linked to guitar center and I didn't see any solid body uku at all. I'm trying to find contact info on Vorson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Futurethink View Post
    Spiritoo, have you checked American Music Supply?

    I have one, and have fun with it. I replaced the strings with the thickest four strings from a guitar, and tuned it DGBE like a baritone ukulele. Mine is fine, but some members here were not at all happy with theirs. Hence, the recommendations to spend more on a Risa.

    The gig bag is, honestly, a dust cover. The jack is cheaply made, but is easily replaced. The pickups are also cheap. I believe part of the fun of an electric guitar/ukulele is customizing it to your taste.
    Yep check them out ... same situation as ZZSounds ... out of stock. Risa is way too expensive for me. Like you I just want something to play that I can have fun with. Even with upgrades to it would probably be cheaper than the Risa.

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    Arrow Okay Question

    I am wondering why Vorson has a tone control on one uku and not on another yet they are the same price. What is the difference?

    With tone ...

    Without tone knob ....
    Vorson Electric Ukulele V-Style

    Even though it's not in stock, I went ahead and paid for the V style because I'm guessing the price may go up when they do get them back in stock. However not realizing it didn't have a tone control. I guess I can reorder the one with tone, but I like the tuner set up on the V.

    So why do you suppose they are like that?

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    The V-style has a 3-position switch for tone control instead of a knob.

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    Wellsir ... I decided to pre-order so I can be in line when they do come in. I got the S shape from American music and the V shape from ZZounds. They have no idea when they will be getting more in and they have been waiting since Christmas. Could be a long wait.

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    I've been in OPs same position. I ordered my Vorson from zzsounds on Nov 15. At the time they had a little note saying it would be available on Dec 15.
    So I waited. Dec 10 rolled around and they changed the listing to BACK ORDERED.
    Now I started to get a little upset so I called them. They could not provide me with an eta. And once per week since then they send me an email reminding me that this Vorson is back ordered. So I call them once per week, and they all know who I am now.
    So I finally got the story: The Chinese manufacturer has been holding the shipment since the election in hopes the US will drop the tarrifs on Chinese musical instruments.

    I checked with American Music, eBay, Amazon, Walmart. Nobody had it.
    Finally last week I found one in WA at a Guitar Center used and jumped on that uke so fast I almost broke my credit card.
    Got it last weekend and could not be happier! I love this little black FSUK Stratocaster!
    I am however having a difficult time finding a hard case for it.

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    My son and grandkids got me one for my birthday last year because it looked like the one from the movie Trolls. They got a little Honeytone amp for using at home. In non-pandemic times I play with our college's music club. Looking forward to gathering again so I can try it out. I like the Honeytone, but want to try it out with a real sound system.
    - Laura

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    I've had both a Vorson and several Risa steel string electrics.

    As you would expect, the Risa is far better quality.
    The Vorson is made cheaply, but it still sounded decent.

    It would benefit immensely from a proper setup. After receiving, I would recommend taking it to a trustworthy luthier for a setup.

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