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There is the Audio/Video subforum in the Music Related part of the forum, where there are lots of helpful people I am sure. Not that there is not a lot of advice to get right here in the Seasons :-)
A lot depends what you are looking for in the software.

I record using the Reaper DAW, and it supports video editing right there in the music editing software. It is also one of the cheaper DAW's at around $50. One time pay, No subscribtion. It works pretty well for me.

My desktop is old enough to have Windows Movie Maker on it, since I upgraded it to windows 10 from a previous version. Movie Maker cant do much, but it is stable and renders in good quality.

I tried out some free editors. OpenShot was VERY unstable on windows last time I tried it. ShotCut Video Editor was also too unstable for my taste, chrashes every now and then, and the render quality was not consistent. I also tried using Blender for video editing. It is designed for animation, but you can edit video in it. It was quite cumbersome to learn, a lot of difficult processes, but it was stable and got the job done.
There are free software that is state of the art if you take the time to learn it, but that can be a steep curve. I never tried the most advanced ones.

I did some research before discovering that Reaper would fullfill both my audio and video needs, trying to find out which affordable payed video editor was most recommended. I believe that PowerDirector is a strong contender. I also think that some other seasons participants use PowerDirector in some form.

Also a lot of people like to edit on their phone with various apps.
Oh wow didn't realise Reaper had video editing! I've been using that for the last month or so and really like it, might have a look into that.

I can definitely recommend Power Director though. I used the free version on my Android tablet for a long time and it did everything I needed it to, although it put a watermark on my videos. I recently made the switch to the paid version on the PC and it's brilliant. So many options, great library of stock video, and very intuitive.

If anyone else reading is using Android, I can recommend N-Track as a DAW for Android devices. Fairly intuitive to use, has virtual instruments and an onscreen keyboard and a really nice drum programmer. Can export to mp3 in the free version, for 99p a month you get a few extra options too.